Designing With 2D Game Tools – Sorting Groups and Transparency Sort Axis [4/6] Live 2017/6/ 7

4 days ago
Watch this video in context on the official Unity learn pages – In this live training session we will learn a workflow for laying out a simple 2D scene using 2D sorting groups, sprite meshes and 9-Slice sprites introduced in Unity 5.6. We will use these tools to create a simple 2D game. In […]

Dauntless by Phoenix Labs | E3 2017 Developer Interview | Unreal Engine

5 days ago
Epic’s Daniel Kayser chats with Phoenix Labs’ Jesse Houston about Dauntless at E3 2017!

Moss by Polyarc | E3 2017 Developer Interview | Unreal Engine

6 days ago
Epic’s Daniel Kayser chats with Tam Armstrong from Polyarch about Moss during E3 2017!

Getting Started with Duality – Part 1

7 days ago
In this episode, Fedja Adam joins us to talk about Duality. Duality is an open-source modular 2D game engine that provides its own visual editor. It’s plugin based and written entirely in C#, making it highly extensible. To start, we will look at how you get up and running within minutes. Then we’ll explore some of the basic […]

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds by Bluehole | E3 2017 Developer Interview | Unreal Engine

1 week ago
Epic’s Daniel Kayser chats with ‘PlayerUnknown’ Brendan Greene about PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds at E3 2017!

Crackdown 3 by Microsoft Studios | E3 2017 Developer Interview | Unreal Engine

1 week ago
Epic’s Daniel Kayser chats with Don Norbury from Microsoft Studio about Crackdown 3 during E3 2017!

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite by Capcom | E3 2017 Developer Interview | Unreal Engine

1 week ago
Mike Evans from Capcom joins Epic’s Daniel Kayser to discuss Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite at E3 2017!

Episode 25: Unity Game Development with Visual Studio for Mac with Jb Evain

1 week ago
This week, James is joined by friend of the show Jb Evain, Developer Lead of Visual Studio Tools for Unity, who introduces us to developing games with Unity and Visual Studio for Mac.Unity is a game creation environment you can use to create high quality cross-platform games for all the major platforms: mobiles, desktops, consoles, AR […]

Unite Europe 2017 – Made with Unity Showcase Reel

1 week ago
Join us for Unite ’17 Europe in Amsterdam, June 27 – 29

Apple VR Tech and ILM’s Demo from WWDC | News | Unreal Engine

1 week ago
Announce Post: At WWDC, Apple surprised the whole industry by revealing a visionary and wide-reaching set of AR and VR technologies, demonstrated live with film-quality content created by industry luminaries using Unreal Engine 4. Epic’s tools programmer Lauren Ridge was backstage building the scene live as John talked, using the Content Browser to add […]

Unreal Engine Support – Baking Materials to Textures

1 week ago
Multistreaming with

How to Make Video Games 3

2 weeks ago
Get the Code : Best Unity Book : Support My Videos : This time I’ll finish up the Pong game. If you’ve watched the previous parts you’ve learned all about : Collision Detection, Animation, AI Controlled Competitors, Physics, Keyboard Input, Unity User Interfaces, Splash Screens, Sound Effects, Background Music, Build Settings and […]