Expediting Expense Reports with Gmail Add-Ons (The G Suite Dev Show)

10 months ago
Gmail add-ons are a powerful new way to add your app functionality alongside messages in Gmail. add-ons extend the functionality of G Suite applications such as Google Sheets, Docs, Forms, and now Gmail. Gmail add-ons appear as embedded “mini apps” in the Gmail apps on desktop and mobile. In this video, we’re going to explore […]

Modifying events with the Google Calendar API (The G Suite Dev Show)

1 year ago
Developers may be aware they can use email markup or the Google Calendar API in their apps to insert events into their users’ calendars. This gives users a better experience because they no longer have to enter event details into their calendars manually. While this is good news, it’s only the first step. Developers should […]

Using field masks with Google APIs for partial response (The G Suite Developer Show)

1 year ago
When working with Google APIs, developers will likely come across the concept of “field masks” to reduce the amount of data returned in the response payload from an API. Knowing what field masks are and how to use them is a skill all Google Developers should have. In this first of a 2-part video series, […]
Modifying email signatures with the Gmail API (The G Suite Dev Show)

Modifying email signatures with the Gmail API (The G Suite Dev Show)

2 years ago
An email signature doesn’t have to be boring. In this DevByte video, Google engineer Wesley Chun plants various ideas into your mind on how you can fetch data from external sources. You’ll then learn how to use the Gmail API to modify user settings, specifically the signature of your primary address. Now you can link […]

Launchpad Online: Revolutionizing Email Access with the Gmail API

3 years ago
With the Gmail API, gone are the days of using raw sockets to talk to Internet email protocols. The API’s higher-level functionality lets developers access drafts, labels, folders, and of course messages, but also provide admin capabilities such as mass user migration. Check out this episode where Google engineer gives you a high-level intro […]
Launchpad Online: Accessing Google Maps from a spreadsheet?!?

Launchpad Online: Accessing Google Maps from a spreadsheet?!?

4 years ago
Connecting to Google Maps from a spreadsheet? Sounds intriguing doesn’t it? The best part is that this is no parlor trick. In this follow-up Google Apps Script episode (watch first one first:, developers will create a Google Map from an address stored in a Google Sheet! We’ll also present some scenarios of when this […]