Google Cast Remote Display Plugin

3 years ago
Unity Developers can take advantage of the Google Cast Remote Display API to extend their games onto a TV by use of the Google Cast Remote Display Plugin for Unity. The plugin supports games built for iOS as well as Android. This video shows a walk through of the Android based code lab available to […]

Bringing Web Content to the Big Screen with Google Cast – Forward 3 Web Summit

3 years ago
Have you ever wanted to expand your web app to enable a multi- screen experience leveraging large display devices like a televi- sion? Google Cast allows you to share content with a Google Cast receiver device, such as a Chromecast. Google Cast web senders use the familiar controls of your desktop browser to control the […]

Cast Loud and Soft (100 Days of Google Dev)

3 years ago
Google Cast enabled applications need to control audio volume on Cast devices, whether they are TVs or stand-alone audio devices. Understanding how the UX for volume control works is essential to give users an enjoyable experience whilst using an app. Alex Danilo covers how volume control UX should work and shows it in action, implemented […]

Autoplay and Queuing for Cast (100 days of Google Dev)

3 years ago
Autoplay & the Queuing APIs for Google Cast applications enable seamless playback of multiple media items. The Media Player Library implements queue management for media items that enables users of your app to add/delete/move and view the history of items they’ve played. The Autoplay feature provides a way to pre-buffer media items that are about […]

Introduction to Google Cast Remote Display (100 Days of Google Dev)

3 years ago
There are millions of mobile devices with powerful GPUs and sensors ready to extend amazing interactive content to the largest screen in the home. Learn how easily you can bridge the gap to the big screen in your new or existing mobile games using the new Google Cast Remote Display APIs for Android and iOS. […]

Designing Games for Google Cast (100 Days of Google Dev)

3 years ago
Nathan Camarillo describes the key concepts behind creating Google Cast games for Chromecast and other Cast devices. This DevByte will help you choose the best Google Cast SDK technology for your game, and introduces the design principles necessary for developing great multi-screen gaming experiences for mobile devices and televisions. 100 Days of Google Dev / […]

Designing for Google Cast enabled applications (100 Days of Google Dev)

3 years ago
Google Cast creates a new interaction paradigm for displaying content on a TV set from a portable device. Ensuring the user has a good experience requires careful consideration in how the UX interaction works. Google’s UX team has done a lot of user testing to make sure the Cast user experience is intuitive, easy to […]

Google Cast: Introduction to the SDK

4 years ago
Creating multi-screen experiences is a great way to increase engagement with applications. Google Cast lets you connect the big screen in people’s living rooms to an existing application to take advantage of Cast enabled devices like Chromecast and Android TV. Alex introduces key Cast concepts and provides a quick tour of how developers can integrate […]