Imposter Syndrome – HTTP203

2 weeks ago
Surma and Jake Archibald discuss how they feel about imposter syndrome and whether it really matters that you can’t remember technical stuff by heart if you can look it up. Plus a little Flexbox hack! #HTTP203 Subscribe to Chrome Developers here: Watch more HTTP203 here: Check out the HTTP203 podcast for the full […]

Aspect Ratio Hack: Micro Tip #17 – Supercharged

2 weeks ago
Surma shows you how you can make an element maintain an aspect ratio with CSS. If you have questions or suggestions, hit us up on Twitter! Surma: Watch more episodes of Supercharged here: Subscribe to the Chrome Developers channel at

How IBM MQ Advanced Security Protects Data From Hacks

2 months ago
Major data breaches in the news feel like the norm. But those headlines shouldn’t include your business. See how IBM MQ Advanced Message Security protects your data from hacks and data breaches:

Codechat 071 – Fusion 360 Tip: Designing on a Face

3 months ago
Fusion 360 by Autodesk is my application of choice for making things – real things – plastic and metal and wood things. I’ve often found myself wanting to select a face in my design and do some fancy 2D graphics on that face, but the sketch environment in Fusion 360 is pretty basic. I finally […]

Harnessing A Chatbot to Digitally Enable Inclusive Sport

3 months ago
In the relatively new space of Conversations as a Platform, many organizations have begun to incorporate chat bots into the structure of their business as tools to drive sales and manage customer relations. But beyond these use cases, what else can bots do? Recently viaSport British Columbia, a Vancouver-based not-for-profit with a mission to promote […]

A Technical Overview of Building an Inclusive Chat Bot for Athletes with Disabilities

3 months ago
The objective of this project was to build a conversational interface and analytics dashboard for viaSport BC’s newest inclusive sport initiative. Tasked by the provincial government to be the lead agency responsible for promoting and developing amateur sport in British Columbia, viaSport’s purpose is to champion positive changes so that more British Columbians thrive via […]

Educational opportunities at IBM InterConnect

8 months ago
Wendy Frazier, VP of Web Development at The Weather Company, previews her favorite features of IBM InterConnect. Learn more:

Web Audio

8 months ago
This week Martin and Martin look at the WebAudio API and how it can be used to generate Audio in a browser and it’s potential to be used to create visualisations.

What is Raspberry Pi? – Five years of Pi!

8 months ago
Half a decade. 12 million Raspberry Pis. On the 28th February 2017, Raspberry Pi will be five years old. As with previous years, I thought that I would make a video to commemorate this historic landmark and to show everyone just what Raspberry Pi is about. The little British computer-that-could – the Raspberry Pi Foundation […]

Web Notification API

8 months ago
Martin and Martin look at the Web Notification API to send notifications to your users via your browser.

Using Azure Functions to Keep a Site Online

8 months ago
In this Episode Martin and Martin look at a little hack to keep Website on the free tier Always on.

Watson gives cyber security a voice

8 months ago
IBM Security Master Inventor Mike Spisak and his son Evan develop a voice-enabled digital assistant for cyber security analysts using Watson technology. Learn more about the next era of security: