Defrag Tools #187 – Ninjacat Unicorn

6 months ago
In this episode of Defrag Tools, Chad Beeder and Andrew Richards talk to Marc Goodner and Reid Borsuk about the maker community at Microsoft, and the cool Ninjacat statue they built. Make sure to watch to the end to see all of its, shall we say… special features!  

Modernize Business Critical Applications with Oracle SPARC

6 months ago
Learn how Oracle SPARC provides the security, performance and availability that are key to business critical applications while providing a clear path on your journey to the cloud.

Origin PC Announces Ultra Thin EVO 15-S Gaming Laptop with Full Desktop NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GPU

7 months ago
Find out about the latest incredible EVO 15-S gaming laptop from Origin PC. Also, learn about the amazing support and upgrade programs that Origin PC provides for customers – PC’s supported for life what!! If you are building custom or buying a laptop learn why you might want to consider Origin PC.  [00:55] – EVO15-S […]

Razer Announces New Wireless Thresher Gaming Headset Along with Updated Gaming Notebook Line

7 months ago
Check out the latest full line up of amazing gaming devices from Razer as we review their latest lineup with Razer’s product development team.  [00:38] – Razer Blade Steath Refresh[01:58] – Pairing with Razer Core[01:22] – New Color Variation[02:00] – Razer Thresher Headset[03:14] – Razer Blade Pro Refresh About Razer Founded in 2005 in San […]

Get Ready for CORE i9 – Intel Reveals 18 Core Processor on X-SERIES Platform

9 months ago
Watch this video to learn about Intel’s latest processors including their new CORE i9 18 core processor. We will give you the details on their full line up as well as pricing and recommended usage scenarios.  [00:50] – Intel Introduces X-Series CPUs[01:31] – Product Availablity and Pricing[02:45] – Multicore Processing for Gaming[04:57] – Intel ESL […]

Codechat 071 – Fusion 360 Tip: Designing on a Face

9 months ago
Fusion 360 by Autodesk is my application of choice for making things – real things – plastic and metal and wood things. I’ve often found myself wanting to select a face in my design and do some fancy 2D graphics on that face, but the sketch environment in Fusion 360 is pretty basic. I finally […]

Typhlex: Exploring Deformable Input for Blind Users Controlling a Mobile Screen Reader

9 months ago
Current smartphone technology presents many challenges for blind users. This article introduces the use of deformable inputs for blind users, which offers such users the ability to physically manipulate a device for system interaction. The authors describe the iterative design process of a deformable device prototype, Typhlex, with strategically placed grooves to elicit bend gestures. […]

Corsair Launches Beautiful New Line of Gaming PC’s – Corsair One

9 months ago
We recently caught up with Corsair, best known for device components, to talk about their decision to bring a full Corsair gaming desktop to market in the Corsair One desktop. What happens when a components manufacturer builds their own complete system? The answer to that question may surprise you. Watch this episode of OEM TV to […]

MoschMosch Delivers Excellent Guest Experiences with Oracle

10 months ago
MoschMosch, the noodle restaurant chain, explains how technology from Oracle Hospitality is helping them to manage their point of sale, loyalty, and reporting capabilities, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional experiences to their guests.

Upgrade to IBM WebSphere V9 in Half the Time

10 months ago
WebSphere V9 offers a host of new capabilities for V7 and V8 users, and with the WebSphere Migration Discovery Tool, users can easily upgrade to V9 in half the time! Try it for yourself, With the latest WebSphere Application Server V9, organizations can rapidly create new cloud native applications, connect existing applications to cloud […]

I/O ’17 Guide – IoT

11 months ago
Follow our I/O Guide, Timothy Jordan, touring the venue and getting the inside scoop on #io17. In this segment, he explores the IoT Sandbox learning how our products work together to improve every day experiences. Learn more: — — — — — — MORE All I/O Guide videos: More […]

NEW Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless – $10 with WiFi + Bluetooth!

1 year ago
On the 5th anniversary of the launch of the original Raspberry Pi in 2012, the Foundation have decided to treat the community with a brand new product. A fork of the Pi Zero, but with added WiFi and Bluetooth, say hello to the Raspberry Pi Zero Wireless! Watch the video to find out more 😉 […]