OpenWorld General Session 2017: HCM Highlights 10-4-2017

10 months ago
Highlights from Oracle Group Vice President Gretchen Alarcon’s Oracle OpenWorld 2017 HCM General Session keynote on how Oracle is defining strategy for the Oracle HCM Cloud suite to meet new opportunities and challenges.

BredenMaster se transforma gracias a HCM Cloud

10 months ago
BredenMaster es una empresa líder en la producción de masas y pan en Chile, decidió incrementar su negocio y gestión de talento con HCM Cloud.

Unified Finance and HR in the Cloud

12 months ago
Discover how migrating Finance and HR systems to the Cloud significantly improves collaboration and productivity between two departments.

DriveStream on the Importance of Oracle Work Life Solutions

1 year ago
Fal Sarkar, SVP of Marketing and Strategic Alliances at Drivestream,a leading provider of Management and IT Consulting services discusses the importance of Oracle Work Life Solutions and how they can keep employees engaged and productivity.

Supero impulsiona o pipeline de talento com Oracle HCM Cloud

1 year ago
Supero otimizou o processo de Atração de Talentos, reduzindo em pelo menos 1/3 o tempo de contratação e em 50% o tempo de integração dos candidatos, garantindo uma gestão mais estratégica com Oracle HCM Cloud.

HCM World 2017 Highlights

1 year ago
See highlights from HCM World 2017 to get a flavor for the passion, intelligence, and experience shared by those on the forefront of HCM.

Bahwan CyberTek Moves to Oracle HCM Cloud

1 year ago
Learn how Oracle HCM Cloud helps provide Bahwan CyberTek with a single source of truth across geographically dispersed regions. Oracle Cloud and E-Business Suite integration has also allowed for consolidation of Bahwan CyberTek’s financial data.

Become a Talent Magnet

1 year ago
Read The Chemistry of High Performance to learn how to create a culture that attracts top talent, using the right formula for your organization.

Office Depot Makes the Case for Cloud with Oracle Insight

1 year ago
As Office Depot UK looked to modernize its IT infrastructure they turned to Oracle’s complementary Insight program to help understand the ROI, which modules to implement and the business case for the transition to cloud.

Cummins Transforms Talent Management with Oracle HCM Cloud

1 year ago
Fabio Fukuda, Director, Global HRIS and Business Intelligence, shares how Cummins, a manufacturer of diesel engines simplified a diverse HR technology footprint, reduced long and manual processes with Oracle Talent Management Cloud and HR Analytics.

Shawnee State Puts Students First with Oracle Cloud

1 year ago
Shawnee State University president Rick Kurtz and gaming student Marisa Hyke discuss how the institution is putting students first with Oracle Higher Education Enterprise Cloud to improve student outcomes, service, and institutional efficiency.

Kent Council Recruits More – Oracle Talent Management Cloud

1 year ago
Richard Vince, Professional Services Manager, Business Service Centre, Kent County Council, discusses how Oracle Talent Management helps improve their recruiting processes, attract the right talent, and make it easier for people to apply for jobs.