Digital Mental Health for Depression and Anxiety

9 months ago
This talk will provide a brief overview of digital mental health, which has used common technologies such as web and mobile apps to support behaviors aimed at reducing mental health symptoms. While the potential effectiveness of these approaches has been demonstrated in more than 50 randomized controlled trials, attempts to implement these tools in healthcare […]

Empowered: Stories of Humanity + Tech — Smash Childhood Cancer

9 months ago
Identifying and implementing new treatments for childhood cancer requires testing millions of chemical compounds, which can take countless years – even decades – in a lab. Simulation tools can help predict the outcome of the lab experiments, allowing scientists to test those predicted to be most effective – which can save the valuable asset of […]

4C Pharma Harnesses CRO Expertise with a Unified Platform

10 months ago
4CPharma, CRO focused on providing best-in-class solutions for pharmacovigilance activities, will share their experiences in improving quality and efficiency for their clients through safety integration and automation.

IBM Fitness Solution: Motivating employees to get active

10 months ago
Technology fanatics at IBM created a fitness solution that has IBM employees in 10 countries embracing a healthier lifestyle. Built in 5 days with fewer than 2,000 lines of code, the app tracks steps taken and percentage of weight lost and displays the leaders for each category. Want to bring more energy to your workplace? […]

PupilScreen: Using Smartphones to Assess Traumatic Brain Injury

11 months ago
University of Washington researchers are developing the first smartphone app capable of objectively screening athletes and others who may be suffering from concussion based on the pupillary light response. This reflex has been used to assess whether a patient has severe traumatic brain injury, and recent research indicates it can be useful in detecting milder […]

My Data, My Health, My Self – .future podcast #2

11 months ago
Exploring health and technology in the digital age.  This episode features: Chris Dancy — mindful cyborg Gary Wolf — journalist and curator of Quantified Self Ethan Jackson — Lead Researcher for Microsoft’s Project Premonition Ridhi Tariyal — CEO of NextGen Jan Ziad Sankari — founder of CardioDiagnostics  Learn more at

BiliScreen: Smartphone-based App for Measuring Adult Jaundice

11 months ago
University of Washington researchers have developed a smartphone app that accurately measures jaundice in adults using a selfie and an accessory. BiliScreen is a non-invasive alternative to to blood draws for measuring bilirubin levels in the blood stream. Excess bilirubin can be an indicator of a variety of health conditions – including pancreatic cancer, a […]

Empowered: Stories of Humanity + Tech– Fighting Infectious Disease

11 months ago
Combating the spread of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes is a complicated and labor-intensive process in Panama. Approximately 500 Vector Technicians tirelessly go door-to-door to help protect the nearly 4 million vulnerable citizens from infectious diseases by identifying breeding sites for mosquitoes. Vector Technicians – about 1 technician for every 8000 people – use manual data […]

Microsoft Driving Digital Transformation in Health Event Keynote

12 months ago
Dr Simon Kos, Chief Medical Officer of Microsoft takes us through Microsoft’s vision for driving digital transformation in health. 

Ascension and PokitDok Rely on AWS to Bring New Healthcare Products to Customers

1 year ago
Learn more – Using AWS, Ascension and partner PokitDok provide customers with real-time cost estimates for their healthcare needs, and were able to create and deploy the application within a matter of weeks. Ascension is a nonprofit healthcare organization in the United States, providing more than $1.8 billion for care of persons living in […]

Cancer Image Detection Competition Jumpstart

1 year ago
Since its launch in mid-January, the Data Science Bowl Lung Cancer Detection Competition has attracted more than 1,000 submissions. To be successful in this competition, data scientists need to be able to get started quickly and make rapid iterative changes. In this webinar, we show how to compute features of the scanned images in the […]

Watson Everywhere

1 year ago
IBM Watson is working with people everywhere. Helping businesses, hospitals, students, educators, athletes and more. In 45 countries and 20 industries, Watson is using data to help people make better decisions. This is you to the power of IBM. Subscribe to the IBM YouTube Channel: Learn more about Watson: