Welcome to the IBM Garage

3 days ago
The IBM Garage prescriptively combines people, places, platform, and methodology into a creative environment that fosters innovation and rapid development on IBM Cloud. Using the IBM Cloud Garage Method (, we collaborate with you to accelerate all phases of application development. To learn more, visit

Hybrid Cloud Simplified with IBM Cloud & VMware HCX Technologies

1 week ago
IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions provides a scalable cloud & access to a vast array of services. Take advantage of VMware HCX to easily connect on-prem environments to secure & compliant ready cloud environments & various Watson APIs. Learn more:

A New Day at Work

3 weeks ago
Develop AI applications on the cloud. Ship safer, cheaper, and more efficiently on a Blockchain. Personalize education with IBM Watson. Monitor a million security events a second. These are just a few ways IBM can help you do your best work. This is you to the power of IBM. Learn more at Subscribe to […]

Why Do You Work?

3 weeks ago
Commutes. Meetings. Microwave lunches. You deal with it all not just for a paycheck, but because you actually like what you do. And today, with more data, more tools, and more knowledge than anyone before you, you can do the best work of your life. This is you to the power of IBM. Learn more […]

Accelerate innovation with IBM Cloud services on VMware workloads

4 weeks ago
With IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions, you can migrate applications to the cloud without the risk or expense of rearchitecture. Transform your cloud journey with IBM Cloud’s cognitive, security and developer services. Get started today:

Developer Journey: Build a cognitive recommendation app with Swift

2 months ago
Build a cognitive recommendation app with Swift Chatbots that can offer consumers recommendations are in demand, especially those that are designed for the mobile platform. This developer journey shows you how to build Cognitive Concierge, a mobile app that recommends local restaurants and which can be adapted to provide other recommendations, reservations, event planning, and […]

IBM Watson Helps More Puppies Become Guiding Eyes for the Blind

2 months ago
IBM partnered with Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a non-profit organization dedicated to the breeding, raising, training and placement of guide dogs with people who are blind or visually impaired. Guiding Eyes is using Watson on IBM Cloud to gain insights and increase their success. Learn more:

How a Startup Brought Energy Efficiency to NYC with Machine Learning and Chatbots

2 months ago
BlocPower data scientists depend on machine learning, powered by IBM Watson Data Platform, to perform comprehensive energy audits of buildings across New York City. After analysis is complete, building owners then learn how to improve their energy efficiency and lower energy costs through interactions with BlocPower’s intuitive chatbot, built with Watson Conversation Service and Watson […]

Pebble Beach with Watson featuring Laird & Gabby Part 6

3 months ago
In Part 6 of our video series, Laird and Gabby finish up their day at Pebble Beach by watching bagpipes at Spanish Bay, thanks to a recommendation from the official Pebble Beach app with Watson. Our series wraps with highlights from their day, guided by IBM Watson. Learn more:

Deploying Complex Cognitive Apps with DevOps Toolchains

3 months ago
In this demo, we show how to leverage DevOps toolchains in Bluemix Continuous Delivery to develop and deploy, in a mobile iOS 10 application, a Kitura-based server app written in Swift. Bluepic is a photo sharing application that, when an image is posted, its data is recorded in Cloudant and the image binary is stored […]

Create a DevOps toolchain with an IBM Watson sample app in 3 easy steps!

3 months ago
In this demo, we show how to rapidly set up a customized DevOps environment for app delivery in the cloud using toolchains in IBM Bluemix Continuous Delivery. We’ll then use this custom toolchain to deploy and modify a simple Watson application using the language translator service. To get started with Watson sample apps, visit the […]

Pebble Beach with Watson featuring Laird & Gabby Part 5: 17-Mile Drive

3 months ago
In Part 5 of our video series, Laird and Gabby take to the famous 17-mile drive, using the Pebble Beach app with Watson to guide their way through the Del Monte forest, to the famous Lone Cypress, and finishing up at Seal Rock. Learn more: