Functional, Isomorphic, Client-side Web Dev without Javascript! – Forward 4 Web Summit

2 years ago
Functional programming is all the rage now: promising concise, simple code with fewer bugs. Isomorphic web development, on the other hand, has a different set of promises: letting you share logic between client and server without duplication of code, ensurign that they will always stay in sync. Scala.js is a new take on these ideas: […]

Sarmad Sangi: Towards Universal JavaScript – JSConf.Asia 2015

3 years ago
JavaScript is taking over the world, today it is not only used on browser but many are using it to write code on server, programming a robot, building mobile apps and etc. In this talk I will share our journey (tips, choosing a stack etc) at RedMart towards universal JavaScript. Sarmad is a Front-end engineer […]