JavaScript Robotics Panel – Forward 4 Web Summit

2 years ago
A conversation with: – Kassandra Perch, Nodebots addict and Forward Keynote presenter – Bryan Hughes, NodeBotsSF host and Engineer at Pandora – Tomomi Imura, Sr. Developer Evangelist at PubNub – Alex Glow, Advocate at – Nadine Rose, Software Engineer/ Community Manager at Punch Through Design

JavaScript Forward: ES6 and ES7 – Forward 4 Web Summit

2 years ago
Join the JavaScript Air crew as they interview Allen Wirfs-Brock, Project Editor of the ES2015 spec, and Kassandra Perch, Developer Evangelist at Auth0 and active member of the NodeBots community. Returning Hosts and Guests of JavaScript Air include: Kyle Simpson, Head of Curriculum for MakerSquare Tyler McGinnis, CTO at SPERO Kent C. Dodds, PayPal Engineering […]

EmbeddedJS: Advances in NodeBots and the Future

2 years ago
Kassandra Perch kicks off ForwardJS 4 with this keynote on NodeBots, JavaScript, wearables and the future.