Autoscaling Mesos Cluster – Julien Stroheker, Microsoft

3 weeks ago
Autoscaling Mesos Cluster – Julien Stroheker, Microsoft About Julien Stroheker Hi! I am Julien Stroheker and I am working at Microsoft as a Software Developer Engineer on DevOps. I like talking and sharing about how Dev and Ops can be better together and work as a strong team. From a Ops background profile, I am […]

There and Back Again: How Tunstall Healthcare Built an IoT Platform for Health Monitoring

3 weeks ago
There and Back Again: How Tunstall Healthcare Built an IoT Platform for Health Monitoring Using Mesos Cluster on Azure – Fredrik Lindner, Tunstall Nordic AB When designing a platform for collecting wellbeing and health telemetry data, Tunstall decided to use mesos as the backbone service orchestration tool. In this talk Fredrik Lindner from the Tunstall […]

Android Developer Story: CastBox improved engagement with Android Instant Apps & TensorFlow

3 weeks ago
CastBox is an audio platform which brings podcasts, on-demand radio, and audiobooks to users through their app. Learn how Xiaoyu Wang, co-founder and CEO, and Xiaocong He, co-founder and CTO at CastBox, explain how they use Android Instant Apps and TensorFlow to improve user engagement and provide an optimal listening experience for users on Android. […]

Intro to Feature Engineering with TensorFlow – Machine Learning Recipes #9

4 weeks ago
Hey everyone! Here’s an intro to techniques you can use to represent your features – including Bucketing, Crossing, Hashing, and Embedding – and utilities TensorFlow provides to help. Also included is a walkthrough of using TensorFlow Estimators to classify structured data. Links from the video: Code – Facets: TensorFlow Embedding Projector: You […]

mesos2iam: IAM Credentials for Containers Running Inside a Mesos Cluster – Zain Malik

4 weeks ago
mesos2iam: IAM Credentials for Containers Running Inside a Mesos Cluster – Zain Malik, Schibsted Media Group IAM instance profiles are used to limit access to AWS resources by an instance. In this presentation, Zain Malik will show you how to use IAM profile with Mesos tasks. Right now the alternative is to use same IAM […]

Doing Real DevOps with DC/OS – Julien Stroheker, Microsoft

4 weeks ago
Doing Real DevOps with DC/OS – Julien Stroheker, Microsoft This presentation will be mainly demo, no slides. We will go through a real case scenario application, hosted on Azure Container Services (ACS) using DC/OS and Docker. We will go through the CI and CD first and then show how you can do smooth deployments on […]

Pushing The Boundaries On Video Understanding – GitHub Universe 2017

4 weeks ago
Presented by Manohar Paluri, Research Lead, Computer Vision at Facebook. Pushing the frontiers of video understanding is necessary to get closer to general AI. This talk, which has a large emphasis on approaching problems with a multi-modal understanding, will detail Facebook’s video understanding efforts, highlighting aspects from platform, models, data and infrastructure tools, as well […]

The Developer Show (TL;DR 085)

1 month ago
Android Instant Apps SDK 1.1: Firebase Test Lab Update: Introducing Dialogflow: TensorFlow Lattice: Ruby apps with Stackdriver: App Engine firewall: The new AdWords experience: Grow with Google scholarships: The Developer Show is where you can stay up to date on all the latest Google Developer news, straight […]

OpenWorld General Session 2017: Next-Gen Business Apps 10-2-2017

1 month ago
Oracle Executive Vice President, Applications Development, Steve Miranda delivers his General Session keynote, “Get Ahead of Digital Disruption with Oracle’s Next-Generation Business Apps,” at Oracle OpenWorld 2017.

OpenWorld Conference Session 2017: Bloodhound 10-4-2017

1 month ago
A panel of Oracle customers from Bloodhound, Wireflare, GRAKN.AI, and Finaeos share how they leveraged cloud infrastructure to accomplish the impossible.

Introduction to TensorFlow Lattice

1 month ago
Check out Gitbub Repo for instructions and examples: Also take a look at the Deep Lattice Networks publication for mathematical details: Maya Gupta, Seungil You and Jan Pfeifer introduce TensorFlow Lattice. TensorFlow Lattice is an open source project that provides a set of prebuilt TensorFlow Estimators that are easy to use, and TensorFlow […]

Semi-Supervised Deep Learning on Large Scale Climate Models

2 months ago
Download the slides & audio at InfoQ: Prabhat presents NERSc’s results in applying Deep Learning for supervised and semi-supervised learning of extreme weather patterns. He briefly highlights their efforts in scaling Deep Learning to 9000 KNL nodes on a supercomputer. This presentation was recorded at QCon New York 2017. The next QCon is in […]