Octotales – Inselect

6 days ago
Take a look at how developers and entomologists at the Natural History Museum use Inselect to help them automate their work. Check out the repo for Inselect here: As always, feel free to leave us a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe: Thanks! Connect with us. Facebook: Twitter: Google+: […]

GitHub Enterprise 2.11 is here.

2 weeks ago
GitHub Enterprise 2.11 is now available with improvements that enhance performance in high availability environments, define more granular permissions, and make code review seamless. Visit to start a free trial and empower your team’s workflow today.

GitHub Satellite 2017

3 months ago
As always, feel free to leave us a comment below and don’t forget to subscribe: Thanks! Connect with us. Facebook: Twitter: Google+: LinkedIn: About GitHub GitHub is the best place to share code with friends, co-workers, classmates, and complete strangers. Millions of people use GitHub to build amazing things together. […]

Git & GitHub: Changing History

4 months ago
Git is a powerful tool for changing history, but it’s not always the safest thing to do when working with a team. Learn what commands are safe in certain contexts, and when to use them.

Git & GitHub: Integrations

4 months ago
GitHub is a platform with many integrations developed to make work easier. Leverage integrations to show more with less.

Git & GitHub: Organization and Teams

4 months ago
When setting up repositories for a large group of people, it can be difficult to decide how to organize people. Use fewer organizations and more teams to maximize transparency, code reuse, and collaboration.

Git & GitHub: Merge Strategies

4 months ago
The command git rebase is a popular way to shape your history. Learn about fast forward merges and recursive merges so you can decide if git rebase is right for you.

Git & GitHub: Git Reset

4 months ago
Git reset is a helpful and powerful command. Learn the types of reset, and more importantly, when to use them.

Git & GitHub: Git Pull and Git Push

4 months ago
Working locally has an interesting challenge of keeping the remote and local repositories update. Git pull and git push are network commands to help.

Git & GiHub: Saved Changes

4 months ago
Work is saved, but it’s not tracked with git until it has been committed. Understand and use the working directory, staging area, and .git directory when saving changes.

Git & GitHub: Git Status

4 months ago
Not sure what command to use? Use git status, and learn why.

Git & GitHub: Working Locally

4 months ago
When working locally in the command line, there are some important things to keep in mind. Use the commands git clone and git remote -v to start working locally and to be aware of remote repositories.