Profiling Live Azure Web Apps with Application Insights

1 day ago
Dan Taylor joins Scott Hanselman to talk about being able to get a code-level analysis of slow requests in production using the Application Insights profiler for Azure App Service. Dan shows Scott how to use the Application Insights Profiler to quickly get to the bottom of two different performance issues in an ASP.NET Web App. […]

Tuesdays with Corey – go TEST Scheduled Maintenance

1 day ago
Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team sat down with Ziv Rafalovich – a Senior PM on the Azure Compute team. Ziv shows off our new capabilities around notification and scheduling maintenance on your own timeline. Note: During September, customers can test the new experience in the US West Central region by creating new […]

Virtual Machine Planned Maintenance

2 days ago
Ziv Rafalovich joins Scott Hanselman to talk about improvements to the planned maintenance experience in Azure, including better visibility and control of maintenance events that impact virtual machine availability. Learn how to create alerts, discover which virtual machines are scheduled for maintenance, and proactively start the maintenance using the Azure portal, REST API, Azure PowerShell, […]

The animated guide to machine reading (Explanimators: Episode 4)

2 days ago
Learn how AI and the cloud are helping computers learn to read and comprehend natural language.

Overview of Web App for Containers and Azure App Service on Linux

5 days ago
A cloud app platform for delivering modern enterprise apps across cloud and mobile devices.  Delivered as an integrated offering that delivers features and capabilities from a number of existing Azure services

Azure Service Health

5 days ago
Dushyant Gill joins Scott Hanselman to talk about Azure Service Health. When issues in Azure services affect your business-critical resources, Azure Service Health notifies you and your teams, helps you understand the impacts of the issue, and keeps you updated as the issue is resolved. It also helps you prepare for planned maintenance and changes […]

Your Private Network in the cloud: (Part 3) How to Create and Manage Virtual Machines in Azure

5 days ago
With support for Linux, Windows Server, SQL Server, Oracle, IBM, and SAP, Azure Virtual Machines gives you the flexibility of virtualization for a wide range of computing solutions — development and testing, running applications, and extending your datacenter. Join Lex Thomas and Ryan Berry as they give us an in-depth session filled with demos and […]

Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / Season 7 Preview

6 days ago
“Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break” is back for Season 7 – but, before he can hit the road with tech’s best and brightest, he has to find a car to use…

VSCode Tutorials #10 – Easily Update Definitions

1 week ago
Learn about Visual Studio Code and why it’s an exciting new text editor. Subscribe for more free tutorials Learn Meteor & React for modern real-time apps. Support Free Tutorials The best shared web hosting Subscribe to Level Up Pro for extra features! Subscribe to the Level Up Newsletter To […]

Minecraft: Beyond Just Building – .future podcast #4

1 week ago
Meet four people who used Minecraft to build themselves a whole new future. This episode features: Lydia Winters — Brand Director at Mojang, formerly known as MinecraftChick Josh Wulf — creator of MCT1 and founder of Victoria Bennett — poet and co-author of “My Mother’s House” Trupti Amritwar — Chief Executive Officer at Mumbai […]

Debug .NET Apps in Production with the Snapshot Debugger in Application Insights

1 week ago
Dan Taylor joins Scott Hanselman to talk about how the Snapshot Debugger in Application Insights can help you identify the root cause of issues in your production environment without having to repro them locally. Dan shows how by adding the Microsoft.ApplicationInsights.SnapshotCollector NuGet package to your app, you can get view full-process snapshots containing local variables the moment exceptions […]

Redesign for the cloud: Building a cloud-first network at Microsoft

1 week ago
Transitioning to the cloud? Adopting cloud technology requires that you support legacy applications as well as new application models for cloud computing—like platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and software as a service (SaaS). Listen in as our experts talk about how we evaluated our network and redesigned our infrastructure to […]