Open Source Summit Highlights

5 days ago
What you missed at the Open Source Summit NA 2017 in LA.

Cilium – Container Security and Networking Using BPF and XDP – Thomas Graf, Covalent

1 week ago
Cilium – Container Security and Networking Using BPF and XDP – Thomas Graf, Covalent This talk introduces Cilium, a fast emerging open source project leveraging BPF to provide networking and security for containers. We will do a quick deep dive into BPF, possibly the most promising low level technology to address challenges in application and […]

Panel Discussion: (Really!) Outside the Box: Cisco’s Open Source Journey

1 week ago
Panel Discussion: (Really!) Outside the Box: Cisco’s Open Source Journey – Moderated by Ed Warnicke, Cisco Not used to hearing Cisco and “open” used in the same sentence? Wondering why Cisco is investing as heavily as it is in open source technologies? If you answered yes to either of those questions, this panel is for […]

Openstack Installation Build And Run Iaas Cloud With Openstack –

2 weeks ago
OpenStack installation builds and runs iaas cloud with open stack. Join the full course at In the past decade, cloud computing has been gaining popularity at a tremendous rate. Some cloud providers are experiencing a growth rate of 50% year over year – which is just astounding. And the reasons for this growth is […]

Openstack Tutorial for Beginners: How to Installation Openstack part 2

2 weeks ago
Openstack tutorial for beginners, learn how to installation openstack. Check out full openstack tutorial checkout 90% discount Openstack installation Tutorial Part one we already reviewed and architecture diagram for OpenStack Tutorial. but here is the more detailed version of this architecture diagram. and this diagram we can see some internal details are sub-components of […]

Openstack Tutorial for Beginners An Introduction to Cloud Computing and OpenStack

4 weeks ago
OpenStack tutorial for beginners, an introduction to cloud computing and OpenStack by Manuj Aggarwal. Check out full tutorial check out 90% discount. Video Transcript: The open fact project is an open source cloud computing platform. that supports all types of the cloud environment. the project aims for simple implementation massive scalability and a rich […]

Keynote: Contribution of Fujitsu to OSS

3 months ago
About Yoshiya Eto He has been involved in operating systems at Fujitsu, including development and development management of Fujitsu proprietary operating systems and Linux. For over ten years he has been leading Linux community engineers in Fujitsu and working with Linux community. About Suzuki Hiroki Suzuki Hiroki, Senior Director, Fujitsu. About Kamezawa Hiroyu Kamezawa Hiroyu, […]

Steve Martinelli + Doug Hellmann Deep Dive into OpenStack

3 months ago
IBM senior software engineer Steve Martinelli and Red Hat principle software engineer Doug Hellmann discuss the latest technical updates to OpenStack and the future of the community.

Emily Dunham, Spencer Krum Discuss the Latest with Rust

3 months ago
IBM software engineer Spencer Krum and Mozilla DevOps engineer Emily Dunham dive deep into what’s new around the Rust project, including use cases and more. IBM Owner: Kevin Allen

OpenStack Cloud Tutorial | What is OpenStack | OpenStack Tutorial | OpenStack Training | Edureka

5 months ago
This Edureka OpenStack Cloud tutorial explains how to setup your own OpenStack Cloud infrastructure and also tells you the different OpenStack Cloud deployment models. It also focuses on how to setup different types of cloud infrastructure according to your needs like storage focused, network focused etc. Subscribe to our channel to get video updates. Hit […]

Tutorial: Getting Started with NFV Testing – Trevor Cooper, Intel & Jose Lausuch, Ericsson

6 months ago
Tutorial: Getting Started with NFV Testing – Trevor Cooper, Intel & Jose Lausuch, Ericsson A key tenant of moving NFV from a Proof of Concept (Poc) to deployment is testing. NFV solutions that pull from open source projects such as OPNFV, OpenStack, OpenDaylight, and others must be integrated and tested in an environment that fully […]

OpenStack Training | OpenStack Tutorial For Beginners | OpenStack Certification | Edureka

6 months ago
This Edureka “OpenStack Training” tutorial will help you understand all the basics of OpenStack. We have demonstrated the OpenStack Deployment at PayPal using Cinder which will familiarize you with the Real-life applications of OpenStack. Below are the topics covered in this tutorial: 1. What is OpenStack? 2. OpenStack Architecture 3. OpenStack Components 4. PayPal Case […]