Brett Morrison

10 months ago
During the Build conference, I caught up with my friend Brett Morrison. Brett is an entrepreneur, executive, and hands-on developer, who has been using Microsoft products and .NET throughout his career. He founded startups, such as Onestop and ememories, and also worked for SpaceX.

Sébastien Ros – Modular ASP.NET apps

12 months ago
This week, Sébastien Ros is back on the show to demo the fantastic support for modularity that was built for Orchard Core, but that is usable in any ASP.NET Core application.
Sébastien Ros – Orchard 2

Sébastien Ros – Orchard 2

1 year ago
This week, we have Sébastien Ros on the show. Sébastien works full-time on Orchard, a .NET Content Management System. He’s also a Microsoft employee. Today we talk about Orchard 2, the next version of Orchard, that runs on .NET Core. This week’s show was recorded on a potato. We apologize about the image quality.