Episode 501: Rob Reynolds on Chocolatey

5 days ago
Rob Reynolds updates us on what is new  in Chocolatey – the Windows Package Manager that helps you manage desktop applications.   Links:

TWC9: Brewing the News, .NET Standard 2.0 is done, .NET Conf, Eye Typing and more…

1 week ago
This week on Channel 9, guest hosts Christina Warren and Bryan Liston discuss the week’s top developer news, including;  [00:55] NET Standard 2.0 is final [Immo Landwerth] [01:43] .NET Conf [01:55] Ignite [02:22] Join Xbox Academy at the Flagship Microsoft Store to Design and Create Your First Video Game [Victor Rodriguez, Nick De La]   [03:29] […]

TWC9: Windows Community, Open Source @ Microsoft, NuGet gets a New Look and much more…

4 weeks ago
This week on Channel 9, guest hosts Robert Green and Scott Klein discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:44] Windows Community [01:33] Windows Template Studio 1.2 released! [Clint Rutkas],  [02:38] Gets a Facelift [Jon Chu] [03:45] Open Source at Microsoft [05:09] PowerShell 6.0 Roadmap: CoreCLR, Backwards Compatibility, and More! [Joey Aiello] [06:45] […]

Episode 477: Florin Loghiade on Testing PowerShell with Pester

1 month ago
Azure MVP Florin Loghiade describes how to use the open source Pester testing framework to test your PowerShell scripts. 

Create a Live Migration Tool in PowerShell

2 months ago
Brien Posey demonstrates how to create a live migration tool in PowerShell This is an excerpt from the Pearson video course “PowerShell for Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics LiveLessons”. Purchase the full course and save 50% with discount code YOUTUBE at Safari Subscribers – watch full course at

Defrag Tools #176 – CMD and PowerShell Context Menus

5 months ago
In this episode of Defrag Tools, Andrew Richards and Chad Beeder delve into the way the Shell uses the registry to provide the Right-Click behavior of a (File Explorer) Folder. We add sub-menus to the Directory context menu, allowing a Command Prompt or PowerShell prompt to be opened in the current folder, either elevated and […]

Transitioning from PowerShell ISE to VS Code

7 months ago
In this day and age with Azure being the beast that it is, more often you’ll find yourself using PowerShell. This short video will help with the process of transitioning from using PowerShell ISE to using VS Code. It includes all the tips & tricks that you’re used to in PowerShell ISE.
#319 – Back Behind the Barn

#319 – Back Behind the Barn

8 months ago
In this episode Shane and Todd do their normal dance. They talk about some cool tech stuff like SharePoint Reverse DSC and OneDrive improvements. Then it is all about artificial intelligence and how that improves our lives, for now. Then they get off topic and dive into College Football, a game for Plumbers, and Star […]
The Developer Show (TL;DR 051)

The Developer Show (TL;DR 051)

8 months ago
Links: Developing Android Apps: Indie Games Contest: Android Developer Story: Le Monde: TensorFlow adds support for Windows: Firebase Analytics Data: Google Cloud Platform: PowerShell cmdlet: Customer Match: The Developer Show is where you can stay up to date on all the latest Google Developer news, straight from […]

317 – No More Blacksmiths

8 months ago
This week Shane and Todd crown our first Podcast Listener of the Day, though with any contest, there was some controversy. After that is settled, we discuss a few new releases from Microsoft. Things like Azure AD Connect, and the PowerShell cmdlets for Azure AD. We show you how to see every PowerShell command that […]
Work with SharePoint Online lists with PNP PowerShell

Work with SharePoint Online lists with PNP PowerShell

8 months ago
Have you ever wanted to know how to copy and edit SharePoint Online lists and their items using PowerShell? If so this is the video for you. Lots of fun with list including:* Creating lists* Editing lists* Editing views* Copying list items based on a field valueAll using PowerShell. Applies to SharePoint Online. If you […]

#316 – Turn that Frown Upside Down

8 months ago
This week’s podcast is a hilarious mess of production woes. Shane and Todd try out some streaming software with disastrous effect. Next week will be better. It just has to be. 🙂 We get the duct tape out, we fix things and we put on a show. We chat about the changes in the Office Patterns […]