Top 10 Programming Languages Of 2017 | Which Programming Languages Should I Learn | Edureka

5 days ago
This Edureka “Top 10 Programming Languages Of 2017” video will introduce you to various programming languages which are popular and trending in the market today. This video will also introduce you to different frameworks these programming languages have and the applications they are used for. We request you to put your list of top 10 […]

How to Install OpenCV in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for C / C++

2 weeks ago
List of all commands – In this post we will see How to Install OpenCV in Ubuntu for C/C++. OpenCV is an image processing library created by Intel and later supported by Willow Garage and now maintained by Itseez. OpenCV means Intel® Open Source Computer Vision Library. It is a collection of C functions […]

Python For Deep Learning – I | Python Basics | Python Tutorial | Python Training | Edureka Live

3 weeks ago
In this Edureka YouTube live session, we will be covering all the fundamentals of Python required for implementing deep learning models. This is the first video in the series, there will be couple of more live sessions. Below are the topics we will cover in this live session: 1. What is Python? 2. Variables, Data […]

Modifying events with the Google Calendar API (The G Suite Dev Show)

2 months ago
Developers may be aware they can use email markup or the Google Calendar API in their apps to insert events into their users’ calendars. This gives users a better experience because they no longer have to enter event details into their calendars manually. While this is good news, it’s only the first step. Developers should […]

Python Interview Questions And Answers | Python Interview Preparation | Python Training | Edureka

2 months ago
This video on Python Interview Questions and Answers will help you prepare for Python job interviews. Start your preparation by going through the most frequently asked questions on Python. Check out our Python Training Playlist: Subscribe to our channel to get video updates. Hit the subscribe button above. #Python #Pythontutorial #Pythononlinetraining #Pythonforbeginners #PythonProgramming #PythonPandas […]

Steve Martinelli + Doug Hellmann Deep Dive into OpenStack

2 months ago
IBM senior software engineer Steve Martinelli and Red Hat principle software engineer Doug Hellmann discuss the latest technical updates to OpenStack and the future of the community.

The Developer Show (TL;DR 073)

2 months ago
Android Security Rewards: Python on App Engine: Compute Engine Updates: Localization Essentials: Introducing the Redesigned AdMob: The Developer Show is where you can stay up to date on all the latest Google Developer news, straight from the experts. Have a question? Use #AskDevShow to let us know! Subscribe to the […]

Introducing Team Drives for Developers (The G Suite Dev Show)

2 months ago
While Teams Drives are a new solution created to help teams & organizations better manage their files, using Team Drives as a developer won’t require you to learn something completely new. The Google Drive API you know & love is already “Team Drives-enabled.” Yes, there are new method collections to help you manage Team Drives […]

Use Python to Load & Prepare Data Analytics

3 months ago
Python Software Foundation Distinguished Service Award recipient Raymond Hettinger demonstrates how to use Python tools for loading and preparing data analytics. This lesson is an excerpt from his video course “Modern Python Programming: Big Ideas and Little Code in Python”, which is designed to provide developers with an approach to programming in Python that expresses […]

BlockPy: An Open Access Data-Science Environment for Introductory Programmers

3 months ago
This video illustrates BlockPy, a web-based Python environment for beginning programmers. It supplements the feature article “BlockPy: An Open Access Data-Science Environment for Introductory Programmers,” by Austin Cory Bart and his colleagues, from Computer’s May 2017 issue:

TWC9: Build, Windows Template Studio, Python in VS 2017 and more…

3 months ago
This week on Channel 9, guest hosts Killian, Shen and Petri discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:42] Announcing Microsoft Build Tour 2017 [Pete Brown] [01:43] Build 2017: Sparking the next wave of creativity with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update [Terry Myerson] [02:14] [03:25] Announcing Windows Template Studio [Michael Crump, Clint Rutkas], […]

Python from Scratch: Ingredients—Python Base Types (string, int, decimal, tuple, lists)

3 months ago
This lesson from Python from Scratch teaches you how to convert text into representative data types. The Python base types covered in this lesson include: string, int, decimal, tuple, lists. This video is excerpted from Python from Scratch LiveLessons Purchase the full course training from InformIT and save 50% with code YOUTUBE at Safari […]