NEW Raspberry Pi 3 – Quad-Core 1.2GHz, WiFi + Bluetooth!

2 years ago
BRAND NEW RASPBERRY PI 3! Featuring a quad-core 1.2GHz 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 BCM2837, 1GB of RAM and onboard WiFi + Bluetooth! Exactly 4 years on from the launch of the original Raspberry Pi, the Foundation has done it again! The latest release of everyone’s favourite $35 PC has been upgraded and given the ability to […]

Announcing the Raspberry Pi 3

2 years ago
More here: The Raspberry Pi 3 is 10x faster than the original Raspberry Pi single board computer, includes built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, and is still only $35 USD. ———————————————————— Visit us on the web! Go to a Maker Faire! Check out the Maker Shed! Subscribe to the Magazine! Follow us […]

Eben Upton Interview – Raspberry Pi CEO Q&A

3 years ago
Let the grilling commence! Recently I took a trip to Raspberry Pi Towers in Cambridge, UK to interview CEO Eben Upton. Upon arriving I subjected him to over an hour and a half of the questions that you, the community, wanted answered by the man who kickstarted the whole Raspberry Pi revolution. Listen to Eben […]