Getting Started w/ FireStore! (Swift 4 in Xcode | Firebase)

7 months ago
DevMountain (Sponsor) – Today we’re gonna dive into FireStore and learn how to write & read data & just learn how FireStore works. Enjoy! CocoaPods – FireStore Docs – My app TAG. is on Product Hunt! If you could upvote it, I’d greatly appreciate it! 😀 – ~Social Stuff~ Website – […]

Modernize Business Critical Applications with Oracle SPARC

7 months ago
Learn how Oracle SPARC provides the security, performance and availability that are key to business critical applications while providing a clear path on your journey to the cloud.

A New Day at Work

9 months ago
Develop AI applications on the cloud. Ship safer, cheaper, and more efficiently on a Blockchain. Personalize education with IBM Watson. Monitor a million security events a second. These are just a few ways IBM can help you do your best work. This is you to the power of IBM. Learn more at Subscribe to […]

Why Do You Work?

9 months ago
Commutes. Meetings. Microwave lunches. You deal with it all not just for a paycheck, but because you actually like what you do. And today, with more data, more tools, and more knowledge than anyone before you, you can do the best work of your life. This is you to the power of IBM. Learn more […]

A Break in the Clouds: Architecture

9 months ago
Craig Carl and Pradeep Vincent discuss the foundations of Oracle’s next generation enterprise cloud architecture.

Otima Chooses Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

9 months ago
With Oracle IaaS solution, Otima has been able to reach all of its goals of high availability and user information security.

A Break in the Clouds: Storage

10 months ago
Cloud storage industry veterans, Leo Leung and Vinay Kumar, reflect on the early days of cloud storage and discuss the endless possibilities brought on by modern cloud storage and enterprise IaaS.

A Break in the Clouds: Database

10 months ago
Cloud computing and database gurus, Mahesh Thiagarajan and Mark Seigle, exchange news of recent cloud computing and database system developments over lunch.

Oracle Network Cloud Service – FastConnect

12 months ago
For companies looking to extend their workloads, Oracle Network Cloud Service – FastConnect can unleash the power of the hybrid cloud by offering a secure and dedicated connection between customers’ data centers and Oracle Cloud.

Design Considerations for Storage Spaces Direct

1 year ago
Join Elden Christensen, Principal PM Manager in the High Availability & Storage team, to learn about the key design considerations for deploying Storage Spaces Direct in Windows Server 2016, including choosing drives and volume resiliency types.   To learn more, check out our docs on: Choosing drives for Storage Spaces Direct Planning volumes in Storage […]

Transform Your Business with Oracle IaaS

1 year ago
With real-life customer stories, discover how companies transformed their operations with the help of Oracle IaaS and see how Oracle IaaS can transform your business.

Streamline Access to IoT Sensor Data with NoSQL Database

1 year ago
Learn how data stored in the Oracle NoSQL Database can be integrated with other data sources to generate valuable reports and charts using existing Oracle software products.