[NEW COURSE] Unit Testing for C# Developers

8 months ago
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Applying Failure Testing Research @Netflix

9 months ago
Download the slides & audio at InfoQ: Kolton Andrus and Peter Alvaro present how a “big idea” — lineage-driven fault injection — evolved from a theoretical model into an automated failure testing service at Netflix. They describe the challenges (expected as well as unexpected, technical as well as ideological) that arose, and how they […]

Unit Testing for C# Developers (Upcoming Course)

10 months ago
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10 months ago
This is an 8-17-17 test of the Channel 9 function.

Rational Development & Test Environment for System z

11 months ago
See how Rational Development and Test Environment for System z, or RD&T, can help increase your development and test availability and capacity:

DevOps for Mere Mortals

11 months ago
Allen Reese and Jack Weaver @Teh_Jack compare the difference between having a tools team of 80+ people to support and run your CI/CD infrastructure with the challenges of working at a new startup with no infrastructure or tools team. Watch The DevOps For Mere Mortals at Jfrog SwampUp conference:

Episode 477: Florin Loghiade on Testing PowerShell with Pester

12 months ago
Azure MVP Florin Loghiade describes how to use the open source Pester testing framework to test your PowerShell scripts. 

IBM DevOps YouTube Is Moving to IBM Cloud

1 year ago
We’re moving to the IBM Cloud YouTube channel on June 16, 2017. Subscribe now:

Episode 98: Hippomocks and cpp-dependencies with Peter Bindels

1 year ago
Episode 98 of CppCast is live! In this episode Rob and Jason are joined by Peter Bindels to discuss the Hippomocks mocking library and the cpp-dependencies tool he worked on that was open sourced from TomTom. Full show notes available at:

Architecture Components: Improve Your App’s Design

1 year ago
Check out the code labs: Lifecycle Architecture Components Codelab: Persistence Architecture Components Codelab: Check out the docs and samples: App Architecture Guide: Architecture Components docs: Architecture Components samples: Build robust Android apps using the new architecture components. New classes and interfaces, such as ViewModel, LiveData and LifecycleObserver, make it easy […]

Devoxx US 2017: Watson and the cognitive developer team up

1 year ago
For links to the resources in this episode, go to At Devoxx US 2017, Senior Technologist Sandhya Kapoor talks about her time with IBM, discusses where cognitive computing is going, where machine and deep learning techniques can take you, and what women should do to move forward in software development and design. Sandhya and […]

Balancing Creativity with User Testing — Designer vs. Developer #2

1 year ago
Welcome to Designer vs. Developer, a show that tries to solve the challenges faced in the industry by opening a conversation between the two, providing take aways, solutions to workflows, tools & discussions on everyday struggles. This week Mustafa speaks to Ewa Gasperowicz, Front End Developer on the Google Developer Relations Team, about whether the […]