David Karp: How to start coding now

3 years ago
David started building websites at 11. 10 years later, he started Tumblr, one of the most popular blogging and social networking platforms in the world. Here he shares how he started coding and how you start putting your ideas out into the world too. Start learning at Stay in touch with us! • on […]

CSSconf EU 2015 | Tim Holman: Fun.css

3 years ago
On a mission to take that seriousness away from the world of web development Tim’s talk, Fun.css, delves into some of the strangest areas of the internet. Tim introduces us to unusual and bizarre techniques and ways of thinking that we can use to create friendlier and, at the very least, more interesting experiences. Tim […]

The IBMblr PLAY Machine— It’s alive!

4 years ago
Behold the IBMblr Play Machine ( ) – the spirit of play and innovation captured in a collection of nuts, bolts, gears, popcorn, laser beams and IBM Cloud software. All designed for you to play with: Like or Reblog. Follow or Share. Or tweet the magic hashtag #PlayMachine and watch it get busy right […]