GIVEAWAY – Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate – A beautiful and well-priced mechanical keyboard

19 hours ago
I’m giving away a beautiful Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate! (P.S. I get paid nothing from Das Keyboard for this video) Das Keyboard makes some amazing mechanical keyboards that are a pleasure to type on all day. The 4 Ultimate has an anodized aluminum top and Cherry MX keyswitches, which, when combined, makes for an […]

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day 2017

2 days ago
For ‘Take Our Kids to Work Day 2017’ we asked, “What do you think your parent does all day?” On April 27th, be sure to tell your kids what you do – and BE SPECIFIC! 😉 Join Treehouse today and start your free trial! Learn how to build websites and apps, write code, or […]


2 days ago
RxJS Operators – What are they, how may you use them? Let’s dive into them at the example of map() and throttleTime()! Code: Want to become a frontend developer? Consider diving into some of my courses on Udemy: Ionic 2 – The Practical Guide for only $15: Angular – The Complete Guide for […]

Quotename function in SQL Server

3 days ago
Text version of the video Slides All ASP .NET Text Articles All ASP .NET Slides All Dot Net and SQL Server Tutorials in English All Dot Net and SQL Server Tutorials in Arabic In this video we will discuss Quotename function in SQL Server. This function is very useful […]

The TALOS Principle C3 & C4

3 days ago
Tonight I taking on the hardest levels so far in The TALOS Principle being C3 & C4. I’m very close to getting to the Tower! I’m going to need some help at 7PM EST. Thank you to everyone that joined me live. MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL SCHEDULE 8PM EST Monday : Maker Monday Live Stream 7PM […]

Polymorphism in Java

3 days ago
In this tutorial, we see how to implement polymorphism in Java. We first see how to refer child class using interface or base class reference. Polymorphism is the ability of an object to take on many forms. The most common use of polymorphism in OOP occurs when a parent class reference is used to refer […]

Interview with Maria Naggaga, Program Manager on the .NET Team

4 days ago
In this episode, Golnaz sits down with the amazing Maria Naggaga, a Program Manager on the .NET team who loves to draw Afros at and help the younger dev generation use our platforms. GALs is a show about the women who work in Tech (at Microsoft or outside) from three ladies that currently work on the […]

The TALOS Principle C3

4 days ago
The next Live Stream is at 7PM EST / New York Time on Tuesday Tonight I take on the hardest level so far in The TALOS Principle. There are so many things going on that I have to start drawing maps! Starting next Monday I will be changing Monday to Maker Monday! All the streams […]

Interfaces in Java

4 days ago
In this tutorial, we will discuss interfaces in Java. Interfaces – refer to specific behavior or trait – declares a fixed set of methods – all implementing classes must define them – used to refer multiple related or unrelated objects – think of it as a contract that is to be adhered to Features of […]


5 days ago
RxJS Observables are subscribed by Observers…Wait…what? Let’s understand how that all works! Code 1/2: Code 2/2: Want to become a frontend developer? Consider diving into some of my courses on Udemy: Ionic 2 – The Practical Guide for only $15: Angular – The Complete Guide for only $15, too: Vue.js 2 […]

Inheritance in Java

6 days ago
In this tutorial we will discuss the real world analogy for inheritance. We will also discuss base and child classes in java. What is a Base Class in Java – also called superclass or parent class What is a Derived Class in Java – also called subclass or child class What is inherited by derived […]

Vlog 005 – 5 Tips to Getting More Sales on Codecanyon

6 days ago
In this video I’ll share with you my top 5 tips on getting more sales on Codecanyon, which include: 1. Make a Nice Cover Image for Your Product 2. Make Sure to Have a Nice Functioning Demo 3. Add Real Data to Your Live Demo, Instead of Dummy Data 4. Add Some Good Information on […]