Data Storage and Interaction Using Magnetized Fabric

9 months ago
Allen School researchers have created smart fabrics and accessories that can store data and enable gesture recognition without the need for electronics, microprocessors or batteries. The fabric, which leverages the magnetic properties of conductive thread, can be read by the magnetometer embedded in most smartphones. Due to the electronic-free design, the fabric can be washed, […]

CSEP 544, Lecture 4

CSEP 544, Lecture 3

CSEP 544, Lecture 2

CSEP 544, Lecture 1

PupilScreen: Using Smartphones to Assess Traumatic Brain Injury

11 months ago
University of Washington researchers are developing the first smartphone app capable of objectively screening athletes and others who may be suffering from concussion based on the pupillary light response. This reflex has been used to assess whether a patient has severe traumatic brain injury, and recent research indicates it can be useful in detecting milder […]

BiliScreen: Smartphone-based App for Measuring Adult Jaundice

11 months ago
University of Washington researchers have developed a smartphone app that accurately measures jaundice in adults using a selfie and an accessory. BiliScreen is a non-invasive alternative to to blood draws for measuring bilirubin levels in the blood stream. Excess bilirubin can be an indicator of a variety of health conditions – including pancreatic cancer, a […]

CovertBand: Activity Information Leakage Using Music

11 months ago
Paul G. Allen School researchers present CovertBand, which transforms commodity devices with microphones and speakers into active sonar systems capable of tracking people’s movement and activities – even through walls, doors and windows. The high-frequency sonar pulses are concealed within the beats of popular songs, making CovertBand indistinguishable. This means that an attacker can implement […]

Battery-free Cellphone

1 year ago
University of Washington engineers present the first battery-free cellphone design that consumes only a few micro-watts of power. The new design can sense speech, actuate the earphones, and switch between uplink and downlink communications, all in real time. The system developed by researchers from the Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering and the UW […]

2017 Paul G. Allen School Graduation Celebration

CSEP 517, Lecture 9

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