Vision 2017 – Narrative Design for XR

9 months ago
Speakers: Danny Cannizzaro – Tender Claws Emilie Joly – apelab Amy Stewart – Construct Studio

Vision 2017 – Building Cinematic VR: Timeline and Other Techniques

9 months ago
Sara Stumbo and Mike Wuetherick as they walk you through how they build cinematic VR in Unity using Timeline and other techniques to create dynamic sequences in your Unity projects. Sarah Stumbo – Unity Technologies Mike Wuetherick – Unity Technologies

Vision 2017 – Improving Your Applications with VRWorks and Ansel

9 months ago
Present VRWorks and Ansel integration into Unity. VRWorks Graphics brings a new level of visual fidelity, performance, and responsiveness to virtual reality through the following features: Multi Resolution Shading, Lens Matched Shading, Single Pass Stereo rendering and VR SLI. Attendees will learn how VRWorks features work and how they can utilize them in their Unity […]

Vision 2017 – Making Magic Across Both the Virtual and Real World at PlayStation

9 months ago
PlayStation’s Magic Lab is a research group that looks to the future and explores a variety of innovative entertainment experiences through technology, including VR. We choose Unity for many of our prototypes, often using it in novel ways. For instance, support for PlayStation VR in Unity was born in Magic Lab so that we could […]

Vision 2017 – VR Production in Hollywood

9 months ago
Get an inside peak at what some of the giants of Hollywood VR Production are thinking about regarding the business of VR. Ben Grossman – Magnopus Sol Rogers – REWIND Eunice Shin – Manatt Digital

Vision 2017 – XR Around the World Snapshot

9 months ago
Hear what XR development communities are like in Colombia, Europe, and China. Speakers: Eddie Lou – Sandman Studios Daniel Rojas Roa – 3GO Video Kinga Smith – Reverse Engineering Studios Inc.

Vision 2017 – Location-based VR: Creating New Entertainment

9 months ago
Two Bit Circus is working to create the “future of fun”. At Vision Summit they took the audience through the work they have done to blend location based experiences with VR. Nancy Bennett – Two Bit Circus Ivan Blaustein – VRstudios Eric Gradman – Two Bit Circus David Morales – X Studios

Vision 2017 – Lessons from Oculus: Overcoming VR Roadblocks

9 months ago
Developers have been publishing games for consumer VR devices for over a year now, and the path from concept to finished product is full of remarkable learnings. Chris Pruett (Oculus) discusses some of the engineering and design road blocks that developers often encounter as they ramp up in VR development, as well as case studies […]

Vision Summit 2017 Speaker Highlight: Sol Rogers, REWIND

10 months ago
See Sol Rogers and other innovators speak at Vision VR/AR Summit 2017

Vision Summit 2017 Speaker Highlight: Bay Raitt, Spiraloid Workshop

11 months ago
See Bay Raitt and other innovators speak at Vision VR/AR Summit 2017. Read our Q&A with Bay Raitt: For full speaker list, visit:

Vision Summit 2016 Keynote

2 years ago
Vision VR/AR Summit is an all-new cross industry event for artists, engineers, programmers, designers, musicians, directors and producers, hardware manufacturers and researchers.

Ghostly Mansion: Solving the mystery of developing for Project Tango

2 years ago
With depth sensing, area learning, and three-dimensional motion tracking, Project Tango enabled devices can provide powerful enhancements for VR and markerless AR applications, unlike typical mobile phones and tablets which only measure rotation and lack precise position tracking beyond GPS. Aaron shares his team’s experience developing the Project Tango enabled Ghostly Mansion game. He discusses […]