GIVEAWAY – Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate – A beautiful and well-priced mechanical keyboard

19 hours ago
I’m giving away a beautiful Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate! (P.S. I get paid nothing from Das Keyboard for this video) Das Keyboard makes some amazing mechanical keyboards that are a pleasure to type on all day. The 4 Ultimate has an anodized aluminum top and Cherry MX keyswitches, which, when combined, makes for an […]

Introduction to Amazon WorkSpaces Virtual Desktop Running on the Samsung Galaxy S8 with DeX Station

1 day ago
Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed desktop as a service (DaaS) in the cloud that allows anywhere, any time, access, to a secure Windows desktop. You can run your Amazon WorkSpaces virtual desktop on almost any device, including smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8 with the DeX Station. To learn more about Amazon WorkSpaces, visit […]

TWC9: Building Build Badges, NASA Space Apps Challenge, Visual Lexicon of LINQ and more

1 day ago
This week on Channel 9, Nikola and guest host Jeff Burtoft discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [01:30] Jeff Burtoft [02:11] Vote for the Windows Developer Awards, At Microsoft Build 2017: First-ever Windows Developers Awards [03:21] Microsoft Build 2017 [03:53] Microsoft Releases Dialogue Dataset to Make Chatbots Smarter [Roland Meertens] [05:40] How Microsoft builds […]

Azure Monitor Notifications

2 days ago
Duke Kamstra joins Scott Hanselman to demo the new Azure Monitor Notification features. Duke shows how you can receive alerts via SMS, email, or a WebHook when Azure is experiencing an incident or when something is logged to your Activity Logs.

Learn about Google Maps Services over Coffee with Engineering Director Casey Whitelaw

2 days ago
In a music room in Sydney Australia, Laurence meets Casey Whitelaw for this episode of Coffee with a Googler where they talk about Google Maps, and the developer services that it powers. Learn all about how you can build for the world around you with Google APIs, including a very innovative solution that was built […]

Don Schenck – Red Hat

2 days ago
This week, Don Schenck from Red Hat is on the show to talk about .NET on RHEL. To get .NET Core: For Red Hat Enterprise Linux-specific .NET Core: To get the Red Hat Development Suite, including a no-cost copy of RHEL, Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift: To get the book "Transitioning to .NET Core […]

Quick Tip: Advanced Localization (Route 85)

2 days ago
What’s the difference between “Call” and “Call”? It turns out quite a lot. On this episode of Route 85, Rony Rozen shares some advanced tips and tricks for localizing your iOS Swift app for multiple languages & locales. Watch more episodes of Route 85 here: Subscribe to the Google Developers channel at

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day 2017

2 days ago
For ‘Take Our Kids to Work Day 2017’ we asked, “What do you think your parent does all day?” On April 27th, be sure to tell your kids what you do – and BE SPECIFIC! 😉 Join Treehouse today and start your free trial! Learn how to build websites and apps, write code, or […]

The Game View – Unity Official Tutorials

2 days ago
The Game View is where we can preview and play our game as a work in progress as we develop it. Watch this video in context on Unity’s learning pages here –


2 days ago
RxJS Operators – What are they, how may you use them? Let’s dive into them at the example of map() and throttleTime()! Code: Want to become a frontend developer? Consider diving into some of my courses on Udemy: Ionic 2 – The Practical Guide for only $15: Angular – The Complete Guide for […]

Episode 467: Matt Soucoup on What’s New in Xamarin

2 days ago
Matt Soucoup describes the most significant new features in Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms and how he uses them to build cross-platform mobile applications for his customers.

Gustav Chatbot for Conference

2 days ago
ASK PAM is a unified multi-channel messaging web app which allow any Hospitality organizations to respond, support and engage with customers using popular messaging apps, SMS, websites and mobile apps. Today, customers expect to engage with companies using their preferred communication channels that will vary from one situation to another, and consistent, personalized, real-time conversation […]