Talend Data Integration Tutorial | Talend Tutorial For Beginners | Talend Online Training | Edureka

5 hours ago
This Edureka video on Talend Data Integration Tutorial will help you in understanding the basic concepts of Talend and getting familiar with the Talend Open Studio which is an open source software provided by Talend to develop the ETL Jobs. This video helps you to learn following topics: 1. What Is Talend? 2. Talend Open […]

Demystifying Copyright & Trademark for Developers | News | Unreal Engine Livestream

2 days ago
Copyright and trademark laws are often complex and obscure, especially regarding their enforcement in video games. Canon Pence, Epic’s General Counsel, will cover some basics of such laws, while conducting a Q&A for our audience to ask all questions related to copyright and trademark. [00:00:04] News [00:02:10] Community Spotlight [00:06:00] Demystifying Copyright & Trademark NEWS […]

What is Power BI – Snippet

2 days ago
What is Power BI? Good question, isn’t it? Let’s take a closer look! ———- Dive deeper: ———- • You can follow Max on Twitter (@maxedapps). • And you should of course also follow @academind_real. • You can also find us on Facebook.( • Or visit our Website ( and subscribe to our newsletter! See […]

GitHub and Codacy

2 days ago
For this integration series webcast, join GitHub Trainer Eric Hollenberry and Codacy CEO and co-founder Jamie Jorge as they explore how to set up and ensure code quality within the GitHub ecosystem. Codacy is an automated code analysis/quality tool that helps developers ship better software, faster. Questions? Find us at or

AWS re:Invent Launchpad 2017 – Amazon Transcribe

3 days ago
Amazon Transcribe is an automatic speech recognition (ASR) service that makes it easy for developers to add speech-to-text capability to their applications. Using the Amazon Transcribe API, you can analyze any audio files stored in a common format (WAV, MP3, etc.) in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and have the service return a text file […]

What are RESTful Services (RESTful APIs)?

3 days ago
To get my upcoming Node course with up to 90% discount, join my mailing list now. I’ll NOT spam you and you can unsubscribe at any time. When I publish my Node course, I’ll send you an email with a coupon to get the course with a big discount: Node.js Course Coming Soon

TWC9: The Future Computed Book, C# Developer’s Guide to VS App Center, New Channel 9 Shows, and more

3 days ago
This week on Channel 9, Christina still can’t put on eyeliner with her left hand, but is still here to discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:14] Microsoft creates AI that can read a document and answer questions about it as well as a person [Allison Lin]  [00:42] Tweet from Gary Marcus [00:54] The Future Computed: […]

The Developer Show (TL;DR 095)

3 days ago
Actions on Google: PageSpeed Insights: Apps Script: The Google Brain Team — Looking Back on 2017 (Part 1 of 2): The Google Brain Team — Looking Back on 2017 (Part 2 of 2): Unit Tests for Docker Images: The Developer Show is where you can stay up to date […]

Index preview: Tim Berglund talks developer trends, microservices and Kafka

3 days ago
Tim Berglund, Senior Director of Developer Experience for ‎Confluent, discusses some of today’s top trends among developers, including microservices, Kafka and integration. Berglund previews his session at Index – San Francisco Feb. 20-22.

Creative Prototyping: Neon Walkthrough – Camera Movement & Animation [3/6] Live 2017/1/10

3 days ago
In this live session Evangelist Mike Geig will take us through the Neon project created by Unity Technologies. We will look at how prototyping and preproduction (as well as cool cinematic futuristic looks) were achieved easily using Post Processing V2, Timeline and Cinemachine.

What is Vue.js – Snippet

3 days ago
What is Vue.js (or just Vue)? Good question, isn’t it? Let’s take a closer look! ———- Dive deeper: ———- • You can follow Max on Twitter (@maxedapps). • And you should of course also follow @academind_real. • You can also find us on Facebook.( • Or visit our Website ( and subscribe to our […]

DevOps Certification Training | DevOps Foundation Certification | DevOps Training | Edureka

3 days ago
This DevOps Certification Tutorial ( DevOps Tutorial Blog Series: ), explains the need of certification. It also talks about Edureka DevOps Certification, and tool specific certifications. Check our complete DevOps playlist here: #DevOpsTools #DevOpsTraining #DevOpsTutorial #DevOpsCertification #DevOpsOnlineTraining #DevOpsEdurekaCertification How it Works? 1. This is a 4 Week Instructor led Online Course. 2. Course […]