Published on December 3, 2016 by Amazon Web Services

Secure user sign-up and sign-in is critical for many mobile and web applications. Amazon Cognito is the easiest way to secure your mobile and web applications by providing a comprehensive identity solution for end user management, registration, sign-in, and security. In this product deep dive, we will walk through Cognito’s feature set, which includes serverless flows for user management and sign-in, a fully managed user directory, integrations with existing corporate directories, and many other features. In addition, we will cover key use cases and discuss the associated benefits.

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1 year 8 months ago

Watch Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services, deliver the latest bull*** to the world from AWS re:Invent 2016,They are deleting all negative reviews on how bad the system is. Companies don't believe the hype u have been warned. 4 days and the AWS team can't transfer domain off their servers. What a mess. They will keep fobbing you off uk don't believe the hype. Smoke and mirrors that's what this show is about.