Published on December 3, 2016 by Amazon Web Services

FINRA is a leader in the Financial Services industry who sought to move toward real-time data insights of billions of time-ordered market events by migrating from SQL batch processes on-prem, to Apache Spark in the cloud. By using Apache Spark on Amazon EMR, FINRA can now test on realistic data from market downturns, enhancing their ability to provide investor protection and promote market integrity (FINRA enacts rules and provides guidance that securities exchanges & brokers must follow). By using AWS Spot instances, FINRA has saved up to 50% from its on premises solution, increased elasticity/scalability, and accelerated reprocessing requests (from months to days). Learn best practices on how FINRA moves toward real-time data analytics with Spark and AWS, while managing production workloads in parallel, increasing performance and IT efficiency, reducing cost, and modernizing and scaling their infrastructure to prepare for real-time processing in the future.

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