Published on December 7, 2016 by Amazon Web Services

As systems and user bases grow, a once abundant resource can become scarce. While scaling out PlayStation services to millions of users at over a 100,000 requests/second, network throughput became a precious resource to optimize for. Alex and Dustin talk about how the microservices that power Playstation achieved low latency interactions while conserving on precious network bandwidth. These services powered by Amazon Elastic Load Balancing and Amazon DynamoDB benefitted from soft-state optimizations, a pattern that is used in complex interactions such as searching through a user’s social graph in sub 100 ms, or a user’s game library in 7 ms. As a developer utilizing Amazon Web services, you will discover new patterns and implementations which will better utilize your network, instances, and load balancers in order to deliver personalized experiences to millions of users while saving costs.

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