Published on December 2, 2016 by Amazon Web Services

Whether you’re a cash-strapped startup or an enterprise optimizing spend, it pays to run cost-efficient architectures on AWS. This session reviews a wide range of cost planning, monitoring, and optimization strategies, featuring real-world experience from AWS customers. We cover how to effectively combine Amazon EC2 On-Demand, Reserved, and Spot instances to handle different use cases; leveraging Auto Scaling to match capacity to workload; choosing the optimal instance type through load testing; taking advantage of Multi-AZ support; and using Amazon CloudWatch to monitor usage and automatically shut off resources when they are not in use. We discuss taking advantage of tiered storage and caching, offloading content to Amazon CloudFront to reduce back-end load, and getting rid of your back end entirely by leveraging AWS high-level services. We also showcase simple tools to help track and manage costs, including Cost Explorer, billing alerts, and AWS Trusted Advisor. This session is your pocket guide for running cost effectively in the Amazon Cloud.

Attendees of this session receive a free 30-day trial of enterprise-level Trusted Advisor.

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