Published on November 14, 2016 by IBM

In the latest installment of our IBM #vSurround round table discussion, our panel addressed the top use cases for serverless architecture.


Daniel Krook, Senior Software Engineer, IBM (@DanielKrook)


– David Wells, Software Engineer, Serverless Framework (@DavidWells)
– Adam Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO, IOpipe (@adjohn)
– Ryan Scott Brown, Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat (@ryan_sb)

Key Takeaways:

David: Companies are adopting serverless piecemeal, an example being Servata which has developed a click-stream data application using Lambda. There are also pipeline educational platforms that utilize this for processing video but doesn’t feel it is quite enterprise-based. We are going to see more companies leverage the cheaper infrastructure to do more, faster.

Ryan: Everything needs to be lightweight in order to maximize efficiency. A great example of this would be which is using serverless mailing – think of this as a ‘run-your-own’ MailChimp

Adam: Batch processing, video editing, metadata – startups are doing real-time searches that they were not able to do previously because of limitations. Full web-application example with be where they are early pioneers for going fully serverless in the last 12 months.

IBM Owner: Kevin Allen

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