Published on November 14, 2016 by IBM

In our latest IBM #vSurround round table discussion, the panel gives their prediction for the future of serverless technology.


Daniel Krook, Senior Software Engineer, IBM (@DanielKrook)


– David Wells, Software Engineer, Serverless Framework (@DavidWells)
– Adam Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO, IOpipe (@adjohn)
– Ryan Scott Brown, Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat (@ryan_sb)

Key Takeaways:

David: More and more projects will be wholly serverless. Multi-cloud serverless architecture will be continued to be improved so that you are not tied to your specific provider – a “mashup” of tools (meaning there will be a growth in serverless interoperability.

Ryan: “I think we are stuck with the name.”

Adam: The ecosystem will grow tremendously with the additional tools, frameworks and use cases which will make it easier for bigger and more widespread adoption.

IBM Owner: Kevin Allen

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