Published on November 14, 2016 by IBM

In our latest installment of our #vSurround round table discussions, our panel answers the question, “What does serverless mean to you?”


Daniel Krook, Senior Software Engineer, IBM (@DanielKrook)


– David Wells, Software Engineer, Serverless Framework (@DavidWells)
– Adam Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO, IOpipe (@adjohn)
– Ryan Scott Brown, Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat (@ryan_sb)

David: Serverless is an auto-scaling and event driven architecture and deploying at the function level, off-loading third party services.

Ryan: Outsourcing services for different parts of your application and automation of infrastructure.

Adam: Functions as a service in a cloud environment or it can be run on prem, but there is also backend as a service component. So serverless is a combination of functions as a service and backend as a service.

IBM Owner: Kevin Allen

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