Published on November 14, 2016 by IBM

In our latest IBM #vSurround round table discussion, our panel discusses whether and when developers will buy in to serverless architecture.


Daniel Krook, Senior Software Engineer, IBM (@DanielKrook)


– David Wells, Software Engineer, Serverless Framework (@DavidWells)
– Adam Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO, IOpipe (@adjohn)
– Ryan Scott Brown, Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat (@ryan_sb)

Key Takeaways:

David: That is something that we [Serverless Framework] have focused insanely on. We are working to streamline devops and continue supporting a huge market for serverless. Local integration testing is currently difficult and Serverless Framework just had a release for local testing. There is a challenge keeping up with the mental model and visualization for what the applications are to do and the resources they are using.
Ryan: There is currently a need to rely very heavily on the language testing tools. Need to be reliant on the fact that the cloud provider [technology] just works. In serverless, it will be similar to how you currently test in the languages and that will impact the way you manage deployment.
Adam: Without a serverless framework getting onboard it is extremely challenging. It is getting easier to get started quickly for simple applications. IOpipe was created to help with more visibility between developers and operators. There needs to be more options in terms of monitoring and real-time analysis. Getting large enterprises into serverless will require the development of a more mature ecosystem of tooling. Local testing versus testing in the cloud is a huge debate and various cloud providers have different stories in that space.

IBM Owner: Kevin Allen

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