Published on December 20, 2016 by JSConf

Bots and machine learning are all the rave these days. But does it feel like we’re being force-fed pre-packaged AI that we do not have much autonomy over? The greatest potential in leveraging computer-based automation for the individual should be one that we can teach to serve the need of its personal owner. Sometimes, we may need robots that drives for us less than an automated process that helps us with the increasing chores that we do online, repetitively and sometimes seemingly futile. For example, how many times had you wondered if the computer can just download the CSV of your bank statement for you (in the absence of proper APIs), process it and augment it to your ledger automatically? Or the times where you wish there could be an easier way to tell the computer to do something on bash than to issue a command with 5 parameters? Javascript has all the answer for you, with tools such as Nightmare.JS to automate browser-based activities, CLI frameworks such as Vorpal and of course the biggest collection of packages in the world that is npm. The trick to continuous harmony is to find something that can gel all of these cool Javascript tech together and run itself as a continuous concern, essentially becoming a simpler computer-based version of yourself, augmented. In this quick talk, I will share my little adventure and experiment trying to automate the boring bits of my electronic life with such a JavaScript tool called Jodot.

Vito had been looking for that special something that can maximise his code and family time for quite some number of years. Recently, he believe he might just had found it within the asynchronous nature of JavaScript and npm. That aside, he’s into cloud and software development stuffs. He co-authored PHP Development in the Cloud and maintains Gmagick (

JSConf.Asia – Capitol Theatre, Singapore – 25+26 November 2016.


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