Published on December 6, 2016 by JSConf

I’ll introduce hardware communication as a how-­to-walkthrough from digital signals up to a practical application through a
series of code and signal demonstrations. This talk is aimed at web developers seeking to learn more about how to connect
miscellaneous sensors to microcontrollers. No hardware experience is required.

Kelsey is an engineer and Steering Committee member of the Tessel Project —an open source organization whose aim is to
empower web developers to enter the connected­devices space. Previously, Kelsey has been involved in developing consumer
drones, research on sleep and temperature, implantable vision devices, and devices for lung cancer diagnosis. She has a degree in neural engineering, and is interested in prosthetics, speculative fiction, circus arts, and really long walks.

JSConf.Asia – Capitol Theatre, Singapore – 26 November 2016.


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1 year 4 months ago

This technology is awesome! I love JS and electrical engineering. Meshing the two, great idea! Thank you for this technology and presentation Kelsey. I will definitely be checking this out.