Published on December 9, 2016 by JSConf

So you want to write some software. And you decide to use npm, because everyone’s saying it’s the coolest thing ever. Great!
But… where do you start? And once you’ve started, how do you take advantage of the advanced features?
Let’s write an app together! Whether you’re brand new to using npm or have been using it for years, I guarantee you’ll learn a new trick or two – or at least get a good laugh!

Raquel cares about code and culture at npm, Inc. in Oakland, CA. She has previously worked at institutions such as Caltech, NASA JPL, the MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and various universities in Europe. She is a co-author of the book “Make: JavaScript Robotics.”
In her off time, you can find her baking, teaching NodeBots not to fall off of tables, and speaking. … also, hanging out with her hilarious husband and two cats dressed in dog suits.

JSConf.Asia – Capitol Theatre, Singapore – 26 November 2016.


License: For reuse of this video under a more permissive license please get in touch with us. The speakers retain the copyright for their performances.

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