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IT Showcase brought together subject matter experts from our Enterprise Mobility at Microsoft course to answer questions about how Microsoft IT designs, deploys, and supports mobility at Microsoft. In this session, they discuss Microsoft Intune, mobile device management, mobile application management, Microsoft PowerApps, rights management services, agentless device management, and more.

These questions — and more — are discussed during this session:

  • [3:21] How are you defining cloud management today?
  • [5:44] Do you no longer use GPOs (Group Policy objects) for all of those PCs managed by Microsoft Intune?
  • [5:51] What percentage of your managed PCs are domain joined?
  • [7:16] How many different segmentations of mobile users that require different settings, equal applications, etc., do you support within your Intune environment?
  • [14:24] Customers want to lock down applications on their mobile devices using mobile application management. While the solution does great when the customer uses Apple and Android devices, there are no MAM (mobile application management) policies for Windows Phone. Will MAM be extended to Windows Mobile soon?
  • [16:55] So with MAM, do we not do device management on the mobile side? Do we pick one over the other, or do they work together?
  • [18:19] When will we see full SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) and Intune hybrid support that permits moving devices between on‑premises and Intune, which no longer requires us to set a primary MDM (mobile device management)?
  • [19:31] How are you planning on managing Microsoft PowerApps?
  • [25:59] What were the challenges migrating from Windows 12 R2 ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) to Windows Server 2016?
  • [28:20] Microsoft recently announced a great partnership with a company called Lookout. How is Microsoft integrating Lookout’s solution into their enterprise mobility story currently?
  • [31:09] The lack of intranet connect is a big impediment to Intune adoption at our company. How quickly will Microsoft address this feature gap, not including the NetScaler partnership, which is native to the Intune stack?
  • [33:29] How much use of RMS (Microsoft Rights Management services) occurs within Microsoft? Which departments use it the most?
  • [35:48] Will agentless device management for PCs provide same functionality as Intune client provides now and in the future?
  • [40:04] MAM-only on iOS is not at parity with Android when it comes to data protection. Android uses open-in management application picker without device MDM. Intune relies on iOS MDM today for this functionality. When can we expect to see this feature gap resolved for MAM-only?
  • [43:07] What pitfalls have you run into supporting Azure domain join and the reverse? What benefits have you seen?
  • [48:20] How difficult or easy is it to manage and monitor mobility services hosted on the cloud?
  • [51:48] What is the one tip you would like to leave our customers with today?

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