Published on December 16, 2016 by Microsoft

You’ve written the perfect app, and now you feel trapped to whatever platform it was written on. Developers, does this nightmare scenario sound all too familiar? Welcome AppScale to save the day! AppScaleLearnMore

Join Jerry Nixon and Bruno Terkaly as they welcome Chandra Krintz from AppScale to the show as they discuss how AppScale provides the portability to move applications from cloud to cloud such as Microsoft Azure.

  • [2:42] Who is AppScale? What do you do?
  • [4:08] What does AppScale mean for developers?
  • [5:19] How does this work? What’s the technology behind this?
  • [6:48] What’s the impact of having the ability and freedom to move my apps around?
  • [7:26] How does this work on Azure?
  • [8:52] What advice would you give developers today who are just starting out with the development of their app?
  • [10:24] What kind of apps can AppScale support?
  • [11:20] What’s the process look like? How does one get started with AppScale?
  • [17:45] How are apps bound by data governance in places like China and Germany?
  • [19:20] What resources are available to developers who are interested in getting started with AppScale?
  • [20:39] What’s next for AppScale?

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