Published on November 9, 2016 by Microsoft

This week, James is joined by friend of the show Liam Cavanagh, Azure Search Program Manager, who show us how to improve searching in Xamarin applications by integrating Azure Search. Liam takes through the Real Estate lab and sample application with different use cases where Azure Search is used to spice up the application. He then walks through where in the Azure portal we need to go to get started and how to import data directly into the Azure Search database and finally what code is needed in the Xamarin application to talk to Azure Search.


  • [08:00] Walking through the Real Estate demo app
  • [12:00] Setting up Azure Search in the Azure portal
  • [18:00] Search Explorer in the Azure portal
  • [25:00] Integrating into Xamarin application

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zaim saiyad
zaim saiyad
9 months 6 days ago

Very helpful sir thank you very much 😊 I love you sir

9 months 9 days ago

Very helpful James. Thank you