Published on March 18, 2016 by Microsoft

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Particle Photon Weather Station – Part 5 of 6 – Receiving Events with Node.js

The overall goal of the series is to walk through using Particle Photon with a DHT11 sensor to publish data via a Particle Cloud Webhook to an Azure Event Hub.  We then look at consuming those messages with Stream Analytics and Power BI, as well as Node.js and .NET.

You can grab the slides and source code for this series at

In this video we walk through:

[01:06] Azure-Event-Hubs library overview
[02:14] Visual Studio Code overview
[02:47] Node code overview
[07:46] Node code demo

Other videos in this series:

PPWS 01: Overview & Event Hub Setup
PPWS 02: Particle Cloud & Photon Prep
PPWS 03: Photon DHT11 Circuit, Webhook & Code
PPWS 04: Reporting with Power BI
PPWS 05: Receiving Events with Node.js
PPWS 06: Receiving Events with C#

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