Published on November 24, 2016 by Microsoft

With active stylus pen input, detachable keyboard and touch screen the feature loaded high quality ASUS Transformer coming to market at $399 is a triple threat. In this video you’ll hear from ASUS’s own Geoff Gasior to get an inside and detailed overview of this new product. AvailableNow-AmazonYou will hear about the aluminum chassis, pen and touch input capabilities, SSD storage specs, battery life, rich Windows feature capabilities like Windows Hello and more.

  • [1:56] Can you give us a quick overview of the ASUS Transformer model?
  • [4:23] So what can you tell us about the design of the new T102?
  • [7:06] Ok, so what can we expect here in terms of specs and performance?
  • [10:45] How do some of the new Windows 10 features perform on this device?


ASUS | Transformer Mini T102HA

The ultra-thin, feather-light, 10.1-inch ASUS Transformer Mini is two amazing devices in one! Built from magnesium-aluminum alloy, it’s a less-than-800g 10.1-inch ultraportable 2-in-1 with up to 11 hours of battery life, and it supports all the great new features of Windows 10!

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8 days 16 hours ago

@Slix Ikou: If the device were upper tier, I’d agree, but at this price point it makes sense. 

9 days 9 hours ago

I liked it: though the price seems to be £499 in the UK so something is a little askew?

Slix Ikou
Slix Ikou
9 days 20 hours ago

Hi,Really bad design !!! Why BORDERS !! the worst Screen-to-body lap of 2016