Published on December 12, 2016 by Microsoft

Host Lyle Dodge chats with Pete Apple, Principal Service Engineer, and Todd Robertson, Senior Program Manager, about how Microsoft IT is adopting Azure Resource Manager (ARM) for resource management. They discuss how ARM enables new levels of self-service and infrastructure as code through streamlined resource provisioning. Learn how we are using shared repositories to distribute templates in Azure.

This information — and more — is discussed during this session:

  • [3:04] The Microsoft IT environment
  • [4:55] Microsoft IT organizational model
  • [7:19] Subscriptions – more targeted use
  • [11:15] Azure Resource Manger overview
  • [15:08] LOB-based ExpressRoute Azure Resource Manager configuration
  • [17:19] Goal: Move everything to the cloud
  • [23:00] How this changes roles and responsibilities
  • [32:45] Repository overview
  • [35:10] Deploy from the Azure Portal
  • [37:33] Automated environment creation using Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

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