Published on November 23, 2016 by Microsoft

Hans Reutter, Principal Service Engineering Manager, and Elke Bregler, Principal Service Engineer, (both of Microsoft IT) share how Microsoft IT is optimizing its SAP implementations through cloud adoption and virtualization. They discuss cloud architecture, modern engineering processes, and agile methods that Microsoft IT uses to reduce risk to SAP business processes while optimizing costs, providing high service availability, and maintaining a resilient infrastructure.

This information — and more — is discussed during this session:

  • [2:11] Microsoft IT mission
  • [3:57] Microsoft IT organization
  • [5:09] Agility through modern engineering
  • [8:31] SAP SESIT applications at Microsoft
  • [9:54] SAP ERP by the numbers
  • [15:15] Current SAP ERP production system
  • [20:35] SAP disaster recovery
  • [24:08] Azure and virtualization strategy
  • [28:13] Our cloud adoption approach
  • [30:02] The road to virtualization and Azure
  • [33:00] Microsoft SAP system landscape – Q2 FY17
  • [40:05] SQL Server 2016 compression
  • [43:06] Change control and risk mitigation
  • [48:00] Agile monthly/quarterly release schedule
  • [49:53] SAP ERP landscape
  • [54:35] Microsoft IT – SAP Big Trends

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