Published on July 14, 2017 by Microsoft

Watch this episode to learn about HPE’s point of view on Hybrid Cloud and Windows Server 2016 and industry trends in the datacenter. Get insights for types of cloud vs. on premise scenarios that may make sense for your datacenter environment as well as how to plan around new trends in software defined storage. 

  • [02:24] – How does HPE feel about Windows Server 2016 and what are you currently doing with the product?
  • [05:23] – You mentioned Hybrid Cloud — how can organizations take advantage of both on-prem and cloud resources?
  • [09:18] – What other kinds of trends are you seeing in the past 6 months?
  • [11:15] – Can you explain iLO to us?
  • [13:53] – Do any of these integrate with System Center?
  • [15:30] – Let’s talk about the DL380 — -why is it the best-selling server of all time?
  • [18:27] – Can you tell us about the DL160?
  • [20:10] – On the smaller end, what can you tell us about the DL20?


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