Published on July 29, 2017 by Microsoft

In this interview, Principal DevOps Manager Donovan Brown interviews Principal Group Program Manager Aaron Bjork about UI and Architectural consistency across 50 feature teams and Feature Flags.

[00:40] How many feature teams do we have
[01:05] UI Consistency
[03:12] Nominated Owners
[04:10] Central Design Team
[05:25] Do UI changes require approval
[06:14] Just do the right thing
[07:47] Sharing people on Scrum teams
[09:35] Flighting features
[14:27] Architecture Consistency
[16:44] Verticals
[18:00] Aligned Autonomy
[18:50] Feature Flags!
[22:53] At what layer do I apply the flag
[25:25] Agile Transformation


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3 Comments on "Interview with Aaron Bjork (Consistency)"

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10 months 7 days ago

Great conversations! Thanks for the inspiring and informative videos!

1 year 14 days ago

Thank you, guys! I hope that you will meet more often, your talks are always interesting and inspiring!

1 year 17 days ago
So thankful for the improvements that I see being made to windows.Still a few windows that are very small on my large screen (not talking about the DPI issues).  Would like to see consistency in this area.  All windows should be resizable. One example is in Visual Studio. The Git changes list. I may have 100 files to check-in but only have 2 inch height listbox to view, even if I move it to my ultra-high monitor (ultra-wide rotated).Another thing I would like to see is more lists that can be sorted and filtered. The Task Manager has good sorting,… Read more »