Published on March 25, 2016 by Microsoft

Driving user engagement with your app is important. However, users jump between apps, devices, and different OS platforms throughout their day. This makes retaining users a tough problem to solve. Project Rome enables the app developer to pivot on the devices, apps, platforms (Windows, Android, iOS) and the cloud. App developers can design their apps around the user, thus empowering human centric experiences that evolve with an understanding of the individual’s needs Start with discovering and identifying all of the cloud-connected or nearby devices your users come across on a daily basis. Use familiar API’s like LaunchURIAsync and App Services to build powerful experiences that seamlessly transition between screens and even platforms. In this session, we also show ways to drive http traffic to your app, which not only help you launch apps across devices, but also drive users to your apps locally. Join us to learn about this exciting new part of our platform that helps you extend your apps beyond just your one app or your one device.

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