Published on December 15, 2016 by Microsoft Research

With globalization and workforce mobility, there is a strong need of research and development of advanced infrastructures and tools to bring immersive experience into teleconferencing so people across geographically distributed sites can interact collaboratively. The Personal Telepresence Station project aims at bringing Telepresence experience to offices. We try to replicate the same experience people enjoy in face-to-face meetings such as gaze awareness and spatial audio.

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Lan _G
Lan _G
1 year 7 months ago

This is great! Makes sense to have a unique capture angle for each window. Alternate camera angles can be simulated with a depthrgb camera such as Kinect, without requiring extra cameras. So the user on the other end see's you look directly at them when you're looking at their window. This is easily achievable with Kinect/CameraPose.