Published on December 30, 2016 by Microsoft Research

Long videos can be played much faster than real-time by recording only one frame per second or by dropping all but one frame each second, i.e., by creating a timelapse. Unstable hand-held moving videos can be stabilized with a number of recently described methods. Unfortunately, creating a stabilized timelapse, or hyperlapse, cannot be achieved through a simple combination of these two methods. Two hyperlapse methods have been previously demonstrated: one with high computational complexity and one requiring special sensors. We present an algorithm for creating hyperlapse videos that can handle significant high-frequency camera motion and runs in real-time on HD video. Our approach does not require sensor data, thus can be run on videos captured on any camera. We optimally select frames from the input video that best match a desired target speed-up while also resulting in the smoothest possible camera motion. We evaluate our approach using several input videos from a range of cameras and compare these results to existing methods.

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Michael Waterfall
Michael Waterfall
1 year 6 months ago

Amazing! How can I get my hands on this?