Published on December 22, 2016 by ProgrammingKnowledge
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npm init [-f|–force|-y|–yes]

This will ask you a bunch of questions, and then write a package.json for you.

It attempts to make reasonable guesses about what you want things to be set to, and then writes a package.json file with the options you’ve selected.

If you already have a package.json file, it’ll read that first, and default to the options in there.

It is strictly additive, so it does not delete options from your package.json without a really good reason to do so.

If you invoke it with -f, –force, -y, or –yes, it will use only defaults and not prompt you for any options.

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3 Comments on "Node.js Tutorial for Beginners 18 – npm init & package.json File"

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Abdullah Nikzad
Abdullah Nikzad
10 months 28 days ago

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Chiranjibi Panda
Chiranjibi Panda
10 months 29 days ago

how to create network connection alert for web based app in android studio? Sir, plz make a video on this. I am waiting for your answer.

Balb Mahal
Balb Mahal
11 months 11 hours ago