Published on November 16, 2016 by Quentin Watt

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to style your content using CSS. First with inline CSS, then with style tags.

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3 Comments on "HTML5 and CSS3 beginner tutorial 12 – Introduction to CSS"

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12 days 19 hours ago

Can't believe there is no other comments yet, just couldn't lose this chance to be first haha and as I am here let me say your videos are awesome, and your channel is one of my favorites. By the way you showed ''three'' like Germans XD

Quentin Watt Tutorials
Quentin Watt Tutorials
6 days 2 hours ago

Yup. Well the "german way" is the natural way. The other way is not natural in my opinion.

Quentin Watt Tutorials
Quentin Watt Tutorials
12 days 3 hours ago

Thank you… Not sure what you mean by the way I showed "three", hehe but okay. 🙂